In early 2008, fifteen-year-old Mallu Magalhães started her prolific career uploading four songs of her own to a MySpace page. In less than two months this profile became a national hit, with more than half a million plays, receiving a lot of attention from both online and offline media.

Today, Mallu shows herself as a mature artist. Still very precocious, at the age of 19, she is now releasing her 3rd album, carrying a heavy background that includes, besides the albums, one DVD, shows in every corner of Brazil including huge festivals such as Rock In Rio and Planeta Terra, Canada, Portugal and Spain.
Let yourself be surprised by Mallu!



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2011 • Agência de Música/ Sony Music

Mallu’s new album is named after a fruit. A red-orange fruit, native from the Brazilian rainforest. A sour, sweet, beautiful and unique fruit, that fills the trees in Simão Álvares street, located inside the living organism dominated by cars and buses: The neighborhood of Pinheiros, and very few things can tell more about São Paulo than this street.

In that place was born the album of the artist that, looking deeply into herself, found a modern and new sound, which is at the same time Brazilian and universal.



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2008 • Agência de Música

Following the release of Mallu’s first album, this DVD shows a few of the most important concerts of the artist’s first year and tour, including the first shows in “Studio SP” (São Paulo) and “Circo Voador” (Rio de Janeiro), in which she sings, not only the songs in the first album, but also original pieces that were never recorded in other formats, like “Meia Colorida” and her own version of the classic “Folsom Prison Blues”, written by Johnny Cash.



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2009 • Agência de Música / Sony Music

Mallu Magalhães is living her life the way she likes, knows and wants. With a work that is, more than anything else, free. With grace and inspiration she had already beaten the challenge of releasing a highly expected first album. Now, after she has passed the hype, the mediatic nonsense and the pseudo-facts that surrounded her, what she has left is rhythm, harmony, melodies and verses. And with those she feels at home.



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2008 • Agência de Música

Probably the most expected album of Brazilian music recent history, the first CD by the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mallu Magalhães, is considered a phenomenon in several music styles. In a meteoric way, and in that order, she firmed herself as: independent music surprise; muse of a growing Brazilian folk universe; idol and mirror to adolescents, and big new name of adult MPB. Mallu is the result of a globalized internet generation.